Pictures of Gilman
Pictures of Gilman
Pictures of Gilman
Pictures of Gilman

Business Opportunities

Development of opportunities for more employment is an active goal of the Village of Gilman. A 27-acre industrial park is ready for occupancy by any qualified business with a lot sized to meet their business needs. Financial assistance is available through the state funded Revolving Loan Fund (RLF), Northwest Regional Planning, and the Gilman Industrial Foundation (GIF), a private source. Furthermore, agencies of our Taylor County extension and development foundations are always willing to offer both funding and assistance.

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Village of Gilman
P.O. Box 157
Gilman, WI 54433
715-447-8650 Phone
715-447-8134 Fax

Gilman Industrial Foundation
Kasee Rosemeyer
PO Box 93
Gilman, WI 54433
Phone: 715-644-8605

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